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    Boat leaves one bank of a river so as to arrive downstream across river.

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    SEE ATTACHMENT #1 for a diagram showing known parameters.

    A boat leaves one bank of a river and heads in such a direction as to arrive at a point downstream and across the river.

    A certain river is 2000 meters wide and flows Southward at 6.2 m/sec. The boat's speed relative to the water is 15 m/sec. From a point on the West bank the boat points in such a direction that it travels in a straight line to point Q on the East bank, 550 meters downstream. Find the direction the boat must point to do this.

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    Step 1.
    Note that the angle c, between river current and downstream, is found to be 15 deg.

    Step 2.
    The actual velocity of a boat over the ground, is the vector sum of two velocities: the ...

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