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baseball hit by a bat

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A 0.144 kg baseball is pitched horizontally at 32.0 m/s. After it is hit by the bat, it moves at the same speed, but in the opposite direction.

(a) What was the change in momentum of the ball?
-9.22 kg·m/s *correct

(b) What was the impulse delivered by the bat?
-9.22 N·s *correct

(c) If the bat and ball were in contact for 0.75 ms, what was the average force the bat exerted on the ball? (in newtons)
* I tried saying that F(delta t)= (delta p) meaning that F= -9.22/.75 giving me F= -12.29. I have tried that and 12.29 with no success.

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All equations are correct.
However, the unit of the time is off by ...

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It shows how to calculate the avearge force exerted on the baseball by the bat.

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