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    Evaluating quantities of vectors

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    Two vectors are given by A = -3i + 7j -4k and
    B = 6i -10j + 9k. Evaluate the quantities:

    a) cos^-1 [A.B/AB] ( the . between the A.B is a dot product)
    b) sin^-1 [ |A x B|/AB]
    c) Which gives the angle between the vectors.

    I haven't a clue as to what to do with this problem. Do I use the cross products of unit vectors to solve this? And if so how do I set up and solve? I would really like to see this worked out completely so I can understand this process. My text book has no example except for listing this formula. I also have the formula C = AB sin theta, is this somehow helpful in solving the above?

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