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    Straight Motion: watermelon dropped from roof sound splash

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    A physics student with too much free time drops a watermelon from the roof of a building. He hears the sound of the watermelon going "splat" after a time interval of delta (change) t.

    You may ignore air resistance. How high is the building? The speed of sound is vs .
    Take the free fall acceleration to be g.

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    I assume that you know how to solve quadratic equations and how to do general algebraic transformations.
    If not, please post a separate request for an OTA to explain one or both of these subjects.

    You should have in you book or course notes a formula telling how much time does it take an object to travel distance H (which we take to be the height of the building) starting from velocity 0 and having constant acceleration g.

    In case you do not find this formula, I derive it here:
    Let X-axis be directed downwards.
    The melon starts from x0 = 0 with ...

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