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    Periodic Motion of a Mass on a Spring

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    The position of a mass on a spring is given by x = (6.5 cm) cos [2 pi t/ (0.88s)]. (a) What is the period of this motion? (b) Where is the mass at t = 0.25 s? (c) Show that the mass is at the same location at 0.25 s + T seconds as it is at 0.25 s.

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    The standard equation for simple harmonic motion is
    x = A cos [2 pi t / T]
    where x is position, A is amplitude, t is time, and T is period.

    (a) matching the equation in the problem to the standard equation, we see immediately that the period is 0.88s.

    (b) ...

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    Solution shows the equation for simple harmonic motion and proceeds step-by-step for a complete solution of all the parts of the question. Solution also shows how to use radians and degrees.