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    Force Needed and Theta Degrees

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    Your car is stuck in a mud hole. You are alone, but you have a long, stong rope. Having studied physics, you tie the rope tautly to a telephone pole and pull on it sideways.

    a) Find the force exerted by the rope on the car, when the angle theta is 3 degrees, and you are pulling with a force of 400, but the car does not move.
    b) How strong must the rope be if it takes a force of 600N on your part to move the car when theta is 4 degrees?

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    a) r=g/(2*sin(theta)) = 400/(2*sin(3)) = 3821 ...

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    This solution provides the level of force needed to move a car, with a specified angle given. This is determined by using Newton's laws and by looking at angle properties.