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    Stopping distance

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    A load of steel of mass 6000 kg rest on a flat bet truck. It is held in place by metal brackets which can exert a maximum horizontal force of 8000 N. When the truck is traveling 20 m/s, what is the minimum stopping distance if the load is not to slide forward into the cab?

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    This text should have mentioned that you are to neglect the friction.
    If the friction were included, its coefficient should have been given in the text.
    I therefore neglect the friction in the solution.

    I also recommend to take some notations before presenting the solution:
    Let m = 6000 kg be the mass of the steel load,
    let F = 8000 N be the maximum force that the metal bracket can exert,
    and let v_0=20 m/s be the speed at the instant the driver starts braking,
    and let the direction of motion of the truck to ...

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    The solution determines the stopping distance.