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Pendulum tension calculation in horizontal string

A simple pendulum consists of a bob of mass 1.8 kg attached to a string of length 2.3 m. The pendulum is held at an angle of 30 Degrees from the vertical by a light horizontal string attached to a wall, as shown above.

1. Calculate the tension in the horizontal string.

2. The horizontal string is now cut close to the bob, and the pendulum swings down. Calculate the speed of the bob at its lowest position.

(See attachment for diagram)


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The equation's in use for part (1) are the simple Newton's second law along with the superposition of forces. You have to decompose the forces into ...

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Solution describes how to calculate the tension in the horizontal string of a pendulum, with a bob mass of 1.8kg, as well as how to calculate the swing of the pendulum when its string is cut.