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    A block on a plane slides down at constant speed. Find distance and speed.

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    SEE ATTACHMENT #1 for a diagram showing parameters.

    A block slides down a plane at angle b= 25 degrees with constant speed. If given initial speed Vo= 5.4 m/sec up the plane, it slides up distance x to a stop. The coefficient of friction between block and plane is f, not zero.

    PART a. If given Vo up this plane, use Newton's second law to find the distance x.

    PART b. Find the speed of the block when it has moved half of the total distance up the plane.

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    PART a.
    Step 1.
    It is important to begin a solution with a diagram of known parameters. See ATTACHMENT #1 and on Fig. 1 for the downward motion, label the force arrows in terms of given parameters.

    Step 2.
    For the downward motion at constant speed, we apply 'net force = 0' to write:
    (1) M g sin b - f ...

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