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Problems about Centroids III

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Asking problem:
Divide the parabolic spandrel shown into five vertical sections and determinate by approximate means the x coordinate of its centroids; approximate the spandrel by rectangles of the form bdd'b'.
Note: The drawing file is in word97 format for PC and not for MAC.

My question is how can I determine the area of each rectangular section??

The answer of this problem is: X=0.7424a

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The parabolis spandrel into five vertical sections are divided. The coordinate centroids are examined.

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If I understand this drawing correctly, b is the distance from the near side of the rectangle to the curve, and d is the distance above the near side of the curve to the mid-point of the curve. d' is then the distance from the far part of the curve to the mid-point level, and b' is the distance from the x-axis to the midpoint of the curve. Thus, b' is the most important of these 4 variables in ...

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