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Light at theoretical angle of resolution

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1. Calculate the minimum theoretical angle of resolution of a telescope 5.08m (200in.) in diameter for light of 550nm.

2. Two small street lights 2.00 m apart are photographed by a camera 30m away. The camera's 50-mm focal-length lens has an aperture of f/1.8. Can the two lamps be distinguished on the photograph?

3. Light is normally incident on one face of a 30degree flintglass prism. Calculate the angular separation of red light (650nm) and violet light (450 nm) emerging from the back face. Use nred=1.644 and nviolent=1.675.

4. Find the Brewster angle for light reflected at a waterglass interface. Use n=1.52 for the glass. Assume incident light in the water.

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