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    Interference of light

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    Two glass plates 10cm long are in contact at one end and seperated at the other end by a thread .050 mm in diameter. Light containing two wavelengths 400nm and 600nm is incident perpendicularly. At what distance from the contact point is the next dark fringe?

    Please show me the method step by step.
    Answer 1.2mm

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    The diagram is in the attached file.

    From geometry
    or x= d l /s------------- Equation (1)
    where x is the position of dark fringe

    The condition for destructive interference is 2d= m lambda where m=0,1,2

    First dark fringe will be for m=0
    or 2d=0 or d=0 that is at the contact point
    The second dark fringe will be at m=1 or 2d=lambda
    or d= lambda /2
    The third dark fringe will be ...

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