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Macro lens distance

A macroscopic (or macro) lens for a camera is usually a converging lens of normal focal length built into a lens barrel that can be adjusted to provide the additional lens-to-film distance needed when focusing at very close range. Suppose that a macro lens (f = 53.0 mm) has a maximum lens-to-film distance of 271 mm. How close can the object be located in front of the lens?

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The relationship between the distance of an object from a lens, the distance of an image from a lens, and the focal length is given simply by:

1/d_o + 1/d_i = 1/f

Where d_o is the object distance, d_i is the image distance, and f is the focal length.

In this problem, we ...

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This solution is 226 words and provides an equation for focal length, and uses simple inputting of knowns to find the distance.