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Three identical loudspeakers play a 170 Hz tone in a room where the speed of sound is 340 m/s. You are standing 4 m in front of the middle speaker. At this point, the amplitude of the wave from each speaker is "a".

a) What is the amplitude at this point?

b) How far must speaker 2 be moved to the left to produce a maximum altitude at the point where you are standing?

c) When the amplitude is maximum, by what factor is the sound intensity greater than the sound intensity from a single speaker?

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Wave length (Landa)=340/170=2 (m)

The waves from the left and right speakers are in phase but completely out of phase with the wave coming from the middle speaker. Therefore,
A (amplitude) = a -a +a = a

To generate the maximum amplitude, wave from speaker 2 must be in phase with the others. Therefore, the distance from you and speaker 2 must be increased by half of the ...

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