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    A thin rod with evenly spaced masses rotates in space. Find the tension in each rod.

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    SEE ATTACHMENT #1 for a diagam showing parameters and basic equations (1) and (2).

    A thin rod of negligible mass is 6 meters long. Five equal masses, each M= 2.5 kg, are attached to the rod evenly spaced 1.2 meters apart. In gravity free space, the system rotates about the center of the rod, completing 15 revolutions every 6 seconds.

    Find the tension in each of the sections of the rod.

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    Step 1.
    SEE ATTACHMENT #1 and note that the radius of the circle executed by the end mass is R1= 2.4 m. Also, given the time for 15 revolutions is 6 seconds, therefore the period of this system is (6 sec) / (15 rev) = .4 seconds.

    Step 2.
    The ...

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    A thin rod with evenly spaced masses rotating in space are determined. In a step by step solution, the problem is explained and solved.