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Electrostatic flux of simple systems.

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We learned that the magnitude of the electric field at a point a distance r from an infinite straight wire with a uniformly distributed positive charge E=2kλ/r, where λ is the charge per unit length on the wire. Imagine that we surround a portion of such a wire with a closed surface shaped like a cylindrical can.

What is the total flux of the electric field through this surface?

(Hint: calculate first the flux through the two end caps, then the flux through the remainder, and sum.) An attachment to illustrate is included.

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The solution shows how to tackle Gauss Law problem in a simple system.

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The solution is attached in the files below. They are all identical in content, but have different format. One is in MS word 2000 format, the other is in Word 95 format and the last one is in Acrobat pdf format.

In any case, here is an explanation for the solution, only it doesn't have the illustration and the fancy equations.

1. Flux is the integral over the surfacs of the DOT product of E and ds ...

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