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Relativistic Mechanics Questions

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5-Three galaxies are aligned along an axis in order A, B, C. An observer in galaxy B is in the middle and observes that galaxies A and C are moving in opposite directions away from him, both with speeds 0.59c. What are the speeds of galaxies B and C as observed by someone in galaxy A?
c (galaxy B)
c (galaxy C)

6-A spacecraft traveling out of the solar system at a speed of 0.80c sends back information at a rate of 680 Hz. At what rate do we receive the information?

7-Find the force necessary to give a proton an acceleration of 3.0 1019 m/s2 when the proton has the following velocities (along the same direction as the force).
(a) 0.05c
(b) 0.5c
(c) 0.8c
(d) 0.92c

8-A particle initially has a speed of 0.48c.
(a) At what speed does its momentum increase by 1%?
(b) At what speed does its momentum increase by 10%?
(c) At what speed does its momentum increase by 100%?

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