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    Fluid Dynamics of Pop Flow through a Container

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    Pop (with the same properties as water) flows from a 4-in. diameter pop container that contains three holes as shown in Figure 3.20 (attached). The diameter of each fluid stream is 0.15 in., and the distance between holes is 2 in. If viscous effects are negligible and quasi-steady conditions are assumed, determine the time at which the pop stops draining from the top hole. Assume the pop's surface is 2 in. above the top hole when t=0.

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    Radius of can = R = 4/2" = 2" = 0.051 m
    Radius of hole = r = 0.15/2" = 0.075" = 0.00191 m
    Distance bet. holes = h = 2" = 0.051 m

    Total Volume of water drained = ...

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