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    Rotating electromechanical system

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    Please see attached file and help answer the question involving a rotating electromechanical system. Calculate inductances, flux linkages, and voltage.

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    Each winding (stator and rotor) is of the following form:

    (see attached file for diagram)

    (Assuming g << R, above fig can be assumed to represent both the stator and rotor windings with the only difference being in the no. of turns)

    a) We need to determine total magnetic flux passing through each current carrying coil. There are four distinct segments in each coil viz. AB, BCD, DE and EA. Each of these segments creates magnetic field (magnetic flux density) inside the coil. Magnitude of the magnetic field produced by any one of the segments at different points within the coil is not uniform; it varies with the distance of the point from the segment (nearer the point to the segment, greater the magnitude of the field). Hence, determination of the actual magnitude of the flux within the coil is complex. Hence, for simplicity we determine the magnetic field due to each segment at the centre O and take that as the magnitude of electric field vector B for the purpose of determination of the flux passing through the coil.

    Magnetic flux at a point due to a straight current carrying conductor

    (see attached file for diagram)

    Magnetic flux density at P = B = (μ0I/4Пa)[sinφ1 + sinφ2]

    Magnetic flux density at O due to segment AB
    BAB = (μrμ0I/4ПR)[sinθ + sinθ] = 2(μrμ0I/4ПR)sinθ = 2(μrμ0I/4ПR)[(d/2)/√R2+(d/2)2
    __________ _________
    = ...

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