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Meeting of Two Identical Pulses moving along a String

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Two identical pulses are moving in opposite directions along a stretched string that has one fixed end and the other movable, as shown in the figure.
Above each pulse a green arrow indicates the direction of motion of the pulse.

Part A
The two pulses reflect off the boundaries of the string, and at some later time, they pass through the middle of the string and interfere.
Below are six different sequences of snapshots taken as the two pulses meet in the middle of the string. Time increases from top to bottom in each sequence. Which sequence correctly represents the displacement of the string as the pulses interfere?


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The answer is C

Here is the explanation.

Take a look at the top (big) Figure
The string is FIXED at the left end, and it is FREE at the right end.

When the end of a string is fixed, the reflected wave has the ...

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The expert examines meetings of two identical pulses moving along a string. Reflection boundaries are examined.