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    Torques in equilibrium on a leaning ladder.

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    A uniform bar of length L= 8 m, whose weight is 420 nt is placed into a totally frictionless, open top box in the shape of a cube whose sides are length s= 4m. Its bottom end is at a lower corner and it extends over the opposite top edge. See ATTACHMENT for a diagram with dimensions.
    Find P, the force the top edge exerts against the bar.

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    Physics notes:
    Note 1.
    The bar in equilibrium requires that 'net force=0' and also 'net torque=0 about any axis'. This solution is for an axis at the lower end of the bar.
    Note 2.
    The ...

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    The torques in equilibrium on a leaning ladder are determined. The force the top edge exerts against the bar are found.