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    oscillation of spring and vibration of tuning folk

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    1. In a physics lab, you attach a 0.200 kg air-track glider to the end of an ideal spring of negligible mass and start it oscillating. The elapsed time from when the glider first moves through the equilibrium point to the second time it moves through that point is 2.60 s.
    a) Find the spring's force constant

    2. A 42.5 kg chair is attached to a spring and allowed to oscillate. When the chair is empty the chair takes 1.30 s to make one complete vibration. But with a person sitting in it, with her feet off the floor, the chair now takes 2.54 s for one cycle.
    what is the mass of the person?

    3. A tuning fork labeled 392 Hz has the tip of each of the two prongs vibrating with amplitude of 0.600 mm.
    a) What is the maximum speed of the tip of a prong?
    b) A housefly with mass 0.0270 g is holding on to the tip of one of the prongs. As the prong vibrates, what is the fly's maximum kinetic energy? Assume the fly's mass has a negligible effect on the frequency of oscillation.

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