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Coefficient of friction and tension: maximum value of M before block A starts to move

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See attached diagram.

Q. A 10 kg block on a table for which the coefficient of friction is 0.4 is connected to a knot K by a horizontal string. Another block of mass M hangs from point K and the string makes a 30 degree with the horizontal goes upward to a fixed wall.

a. What maximum value can M be before block A starts to move to the right?

b. What is the tension of the string attached to the wall as block A just starts to move?

(assume gravity =10m/sec^2)

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The coefficient of friction and tension is computed. The expert finds the maximum value of M before a block falls down. With good explanations, the problem is solved.

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The key to this problem is force balance in the x and y components. So let's start out with the y component. We assume that the knot and block are in static equilibrium, sum ...

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