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Calculate Normal Force Exerted

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The flat circular disc rotates about a vertical axis through O with a constant angular velocity of 240rpm. Prior to rotation, each of the 0.5kg sliding blocks has the position x=25mm with no force in its attached spring. Each spring has a stiffness of 400N/m. Neglect any friction between the blocks and the slots, and neglect the mass of the springs.

(a) Determine the value of x for each spring.
(b) Calculate the normal force N exerted by the side of the slot on the block.

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a) As the circular disc rotates, the blocks also rotate with the same speed viz. 240 rpm and each block experiences a centrifugal force F = mv2/r where m = mass of the block, v = tangential speed of the block, r = radial distance of the block from centre of the disc. This force F can be resolved into components as shown in the fig.. Fsinθ ...

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The expert calculates the normal force exerted. The value of x for each spring is determined.