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    static equilibrium and tension

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    A scaffold of mass 35 kg and length 5.8 m is supported in a horizontal position by one vertical cable at each end. A window washer of mass 86 kg stands at a distance d from the midpoint of the scaffold. The tension in the cable nearest the worker is twice the tension in the other.
    a) What is the tension in the cable nearest the worker?
    b) What is the tension in the further cable?
    c) How far is the worker from the center of the scaffold?

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    Defining parameters: 35 kg = M, 86 kg = m, 5.8 m = L, distance from center to worker = d, tension in right cable = B, tension in left cable = .5 B.
    <br>part a.
    <br>applying 'net force = 0' or ...

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