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    System of springs: Energy stored in different springs

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    You can assume that air resistance and other frictional forces can be ignored in this question

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    a) Define a datum for the gravitational potential energy of particle P.
    b) Write down the gravitational potential energy of particle P at a general point of motion.
    c) Write down the kinetic energy of a particle Pat the same instant
    d) Determine the potential energy stored n each spring at the same instant.
    e) Write down an expression representing the total mechanical energy of the system at the same instant.

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    For all such problems the gravitational potential energy means the difference in potential energy of the particle from that at a particular reference level. Mostly the reference level is taken as the surface of earth and the gravitational potential energy of a particle of mass m, at a height h above the surface of earth, is given by m*g*h.
    Here we may take the top level ...

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    A particle is attached to three different springs such that two springs are in parallel and one in series with this parallel combination. The particle is in displaced position from its equilibrium position. The different parts of the question are solved for required energies.