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    Enumeration of Microstates and Macrostates

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    1. Enumerate all the microstates and macrostates for an assembly of three particles fixed in position with levels, 0, e, 2e, 3e, and a total energy of 3e. What is the least and what is the most probable distribution of energy? What is the average distribution of energy?

    2. 1200 distinguishable particles are to be distributed among 3 energy states with energies= 1 eV, 62 2 eV, and 63 3 eV. Assume that the total energy is 2400 eV and that each possible microstate is equally probable. What is the probability distribution of particles in state 1? (Hint: first find the most likely value of N1, the number of particles in state 1; denoting this number by N1*, calculate P(N1*+ n)/ P(N1*), and treat n is a small deviation from the most likely value of N1.)

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    The second problem is again expanding the number of microstates to exponential distribution ...

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