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Heat, power, voltage, resistance, and time


The heating element of an electric hot plate, 26.5 ohms resistance, is connected across a 115 V circuit. How much heat will be developed in 10.0 seconds?

A) between 1000 J an 2000 J

B) less than 1000 J

C) between 2000 J and 4000 J

D) Over 4000 J


The power dissipated by the heating element above is:

A) less than 1000 W

B) between 1000 W and 2000 W

C) between 2000 W and 4000 W

D) over 4000 W

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R = 26.5 Ohms
V = 115 Volts
t = 10 seconds = 0.0027778 hours

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Heat is a form ...

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