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    Conservation of energy and compressed spring

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    A .15kg block of ice is placed on a horizontal table. It is pushed back compressing a spring .045m, and the spring's constant is 1900N/m. The spring's mass is negligible. The tabletop is 1.2m above the floor. When the spring is released, the block slides off the table and onto the floor. With negligible friction between the block and the table, what is the speed of the block when it hits the floor?

    I know K1 + U1 + Wo = K2 + U2, but my answer sheet shows a result doing something I may have forgotten about algebra. Please be specific about the algebra steps. Thanks!

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    Potential Energy & Energy Conservation

    A .15kg block of ice is placed on a ...

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    I have used conservation of energy to solve this problem. Answer is very detailed and easy to understand. This is a classic problem and very important to know how to solve such problems in future.