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A compressed spring flings a stone upward when released. Find the maximum height.

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SEE ATTACHMENT #1 for a diagram of parameters of the event.

A spring is .66 m long when it contains no energy When a stone with mass M= 8.5 kg is placed on the spring it shortens by b= .06 m then supports the stone in equilibrium. The stone is now pushed down an additional d= .38 m. When released, the stone is projected upward to maximum height H meters above release point.

Find H, the maximum upward movement of the stone.

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A compressed spring flinging a stone upward when released is given. In a step by step process, the problem is explained and solved.

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Step 1.
The energy exchange after release of the stone is the loss of PE by the spring, which becomes the gain in PE by the stone moving up to its maximum height. ...

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