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Uniform Magnetic Field

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You want to create a uniform (constant and parallel) magnetic field in a small volume of space. The field should be 500 Gauss. You can get a current of 0.8 Amperes from a power source, and you must choose one of the following methods (only one method is correct):

a. A single long straight wire, at distance r from the wire (what value of r is needed?)
b. In between two long parallel wires spaced distance 2D apart (what value of D is needed?)
c. A flat coil of radius R and N turns (suggest suitable values for R and N)
d. A long solenoid of length l and N turns (suggest suitable values for l and N)

Explain how you would get the required field by specifying the method and the physical dimensions needed.

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The magnetic field inside a long thin solenoid is quite uniform and parallel to the axis of the solenoid.

The magnetic field inside a long thin solenoid is given by:

B = mu*n*I

Where mu is the permeability, I is the ...

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