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    Calculating inductance and maximum current

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    Consider an RL circuit in which there's a 9.0 V battery, R = 5.5 ohms, L is unknown, and there's a switch that can be open or closed. When the switch is closed, the current in the circuit is observed to increase from 0 to 0.22 A in 0.15 seconds.

    (a) What is the inductance L?
    (b) How long after the switch is closed does the current have the value 0.40 A?
    (c) What is the maximum current that flows in this circuit?

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    Steady-state Current = 9/5.5 = 1.64 A since the inductance becomes a short ckt in the d.c. ckt after a long time and this ...

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    This solution is provided in 110 words. It discusses steady-state current to find maximum current, and uses equations for current to find inductance and time.