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Coulomb's Law

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Three particles are placed in a line. The left particle has a charge of -67 X 10^-6 C, the middle, 45 X 10^-6 C, and the right -83 X 10^-6C. The middle particle is 72cm from each of the others.
a) Find the net force on the middle particle.
b) Find the net force on the right particle.

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As per Coulomb's law electrostatic force acting between two charges q1 & q2 separated by a distance r is given by :

F = (1/4Πε0) q1q2/r2 = (9x109) q1q2/r2 where ε0 is the permittivity of vacuum (or air)

If a charge is subjected to forces by ...

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Three charged particles for lines in place are determined. The net force on the right particles are given.