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    Electrostatics : Coulomb's law

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    1. Four charges are held together in place as shown (see attachment). Q1 = +30 micro C and Q2 = Q3 = Q4 = +15 micro C. Determine the magnitude and direction of the total force on charge 2.

    1a. Draw all force vectors on charge 2 due to every other charge. Label each vector accordingly with two subscripts. Draw the vectors so that the tail of each vector originates on the charge.

    1b. Determine the magnitude of each force listed below:

    F21: ____________________

    F23: ____________________

    F24: ____________________

    1c. List the x and y components of Fnet on charge 2 in terms of unit vectors (i and j):

    Fnet = __________ i + _____________ j

    Determine the magnitude of Fnet:

    Fnet = ___________________

    1d. Determine the direction of Fnet on charge 2 by solving for angle theta, which is measured counterclockwise from the +x direction. Draw a sketch of Fnet originating on charge 2 below, showing the angle theta. The coordinate axis is shown.

    Distance between q and electron = _________

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