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    Pressure in Pascals for high heel shoe print

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    A high heel shoe leaves a foot print on the floor. The front area part of the print has an area or 32.5 cm squared. The heel of shoe leaves a 1 cm circle imprint. Standing on one leg, what pressure in pascals would you exert on the floor, assuming you weigh 165 lbs?

    How deep would one need to dive in fresh water in order to achieve this same pressure? Repeat if you were able to concentrate all your weight on the heel alone?

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    Solution. By a formula P=F/S, where P is the pressure, F is the force and S is the corresponding area. We have

    (1) If we assume that you were able to concentrate all your weight on a foot, then

    P1=165/32.5 lbs/cm^2
    =5.077 lbs/cm^2

    Since 1 inch=0.3937 cm, we can get 1 cm=2.54 inch

    P1=5.077/2.54^2 lbs/inch^2
    =0.787 lbs/inch^2

    Assume that ...

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