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Logic Circuits

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1) door switch
2) Start button
3) Stop button
4) Clothes sensor switch
1) Cycle complete buzzer
2) Low heat Light
3) High heat Light
4) Door open Light
Rules of operation:
1. Clothes dryer door open, the Door open light comes on.
2. Dryer will not work if there are no clothes in the dryer.
3. The dryer cycle can only start when the start button is pressed.
4. There are only 2 ways the cycle will stop once its has started. The 2 ways are by opening the door, and pressing the stop button.
5. Once the dryer starts, the low heat cycle works for 12seconds. Immediately after the low heat cycle is complete the high heat cycle begins and stays on for 14 seconds.
6. Once the high heat cycle is complete the cycle complete buzzer will light up.
7. If the dryer is stopped it must start at the beginning of the low heat cycle.
Labs must be handed in showing Logosoft program, digital circuit and final LogoSoft program

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In the program please take note of the following:
- Input parts are as follows:
I1 - Door Switch
I2 - Start Switch (momentary make)
I3 - Stop Switch (momentary make)
I4 - Clothes Sensor Switch
- ...

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