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    Logic Circuits

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    2. The 2's-complement method of subtraction is to be performed on the 2's-complement signed numbers = 43(-)-47. Show the correct minuend, subtrahend, signed binary difference, and decimal result.

    3. Represents the 2's-complement of the hexadecimal number 2AF.

    4. The number -7 base10 is to be stored in an 8-bit register as a signed binary number in 2's-complement form. What would be the register contents?

    5. A certain register used to store signed binary numbers provides a 16-bit output. Determine the range of register output values and how many different values the register capable of containing.

    8. How many BCD adders would be required to add the numbers 973 base10 + 39 base10?

    11. What is the output frequency of a three-stage binary counter with an input clock frequency of 80 kHz?

    12. How many shift pulses would be required to serially shift the contents of one six-stage register to another?

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