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Calculating height at pinnacle

The setter on the volleyball team recieves a bump and sets a ball starting from net height (2.30 m above the gym floor) straight up with a velocity of 7.27 m/s. How high off the gym floor will the ball be when it reaches the pinnacle?

If the ball fell from the pinnacle straight down how fast would it be moving when it hit the floor?

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Note 1. With the floor at the origin of a y axis, the initial y coordinate is Yo= 2.30 m, the initial upward (positive) velocity is Vo= 7.27 m/s, and the downward (negative) acceleration during the entire free fall flight, from release to impact is g= -9.8 m/s^2.

Note 2. For the upward portion of the flight, the velocity of the ball at the highest ...

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