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    average net force exerted on him in the barrel of the cannon

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    1. During a circus performance, a 73.0-kg human cannonball is shot out of an 17.7-m-long cannon. If the human cannonball spends 0.812 s in the cannon, determine the average net force exerted on him in the barrel of the cannon. (Assume an the acceleration is constant.)

    2. A newly discovered planet has a mass that is 1.45 times the mass of Earth and a radius that is 0.90 times the radius of Earth. You are designing a small robotic vehicle that will land on the planet to carry out initial exploration, and you need to calculate the vehicle's weight on the new planet. Calculate the magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity at the surface of this planet?

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    The solution shows detailed calculation of average net force exerted on a human cannonball in the barrel of the cannon. It also shows how to calculate the gravitational acceleration on a planet.