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    Amplitude of weightlessness

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    An ant with mass is standing peacefully on top of a horizontal, stretched rope. The rope has mass per unit length and is under tension . Without warning, Throckmorton starts a sinusoidal transverse wave of wavelength propagating along the rope. The motion of the rope is in a vertical plane.

    What minimum wave amplitude will make the ant become momentarily weightless? Assume that is so small that the presence of the ant has no effect on the propagation of the wave.

    Here's my problem; I'm not clear what causes the aunt to be weightless. Would that be the crest of the wave... I am not even sure what equation to start with. The two equations we have that can involve some of the variables they discuss are the wave function y(x,t)=Acos(kx-wt) and the average power equation Pave=1/2*(sqrrt(u*F))*w^2*A^2
    .......and what affect does m being small have on the problem?

    Any help would be awesome! Thanks!

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