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    Due Process

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    Could you please help me to understand the following legal concepts?:

    Describe the concept of Due Process. Be sure to define the adversarial system, identify the rights of the accused, and describe the process after a crime has been committed through post-arrest procedures.
    Also, could you please provide some links of sites with some examples of due process?

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    Due process is the concept that law and legal proceedings should be fair. The Constitution of the United States guarantees due process of law and courts have made many rulings about what this really means.

    For example, the courts have said that the 14th Amendment prohibits the deprivation of liberty or property with due process and that a due process claim is only legitimate if it involved liberty or ...

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    This solution explains what the "due process of law" means and how this concept is applied in the judicial and criminal law systems. Additionally, this solution includes a variety of source links for further research on the topic.