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    Influence of control theory in social crime prevention

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    I think that I understand the concept of Control Theory (Hirschi's social bond and self-control theory). And I know that there are 4 approaches of crime prevention: Criminal Justice, situational, social and developmental approach.

    However, I can't find the reason why control theory is influential in social crime prevention. I started writing my essay on this topic but it seems to explain only in what ways the theory influence social crime prevention and does not accurately answer the question.

    Please help me finding the solution for this. Thank you very much.

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    Dear student:
    <br><br>General comment:
    <br><br>As you have rightly pointed out the question of your essay does not wish to investigate the substance of control theory, but the extent of its contribution to the discussion on crime prevention. Put another way, it asks you to discuss what new and interesting this theory has to say that complements the debate around social crime prevention. Obviously, there is a subtle difference between a descriptive approach to the theory as such, and a critical analysis of its contribution to crime prevention. I am suspecting that this is part of your essay's challenge.
    <br><br>To make myself clearer, your answer should not focus on the theory's suggestions in reducing crime, but on revealing what new features this approach introduces in the discussion around crime prevention. You can achieve ...