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Criminal Procedure News Article and Summary

Briefly summarize an article from the Internet about Criminal Procedure.

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Here is a good article: http://www.law.uga.edu/academics/profiles/dwilkes_more/58newlease.html (I've pasted it below just in case) Also, if you need any other articles on criminal procedure, you can find them here: http://www.law.uga.edu/academics/profiles/dwilkes_more/crim_proc.html

This article is about the imprisonment of a Georgia man who had consensual oral sex when he was 17 and the supposed victim was 15. The defense argued that in the 10 year sentence that was given to him, there was a disproportionately of excessive punishments. The prosecutor in this case went strictly by the words of the law rather than by the spirit of it since this was a consensual act and both were minors at the time. Furthermore, when the defense applied for habeus corpus on appeal, the Attorney General stepped in and opposed it, ultimately leading to the release of the defendant by the Georgia Supreme Court. This is an important decision because it shows the struggle between prosecturs who will stop at nothing to keep their position and the Justice system that has to keep its integrity at distributing fair justice.


Published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, p. A13 (October 30, 2007).

Like Genarlow Wilson, I rejoice that he has been set free. I hope Georgians join in the rejoicing.

The Georgia Supreme Court's Oct. 26 decision not only corrected a grave miscarriage of justice and liberated an American citizen imprisoned in violation of his constitutional rights, but also advanced the rights of all Georgians. The decision gives teeth to the important constitutional ban on imposing cruel sentences. Wonderfully, it indirectly delivers stern rebukes to an overzealous district attorney and ...