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    Crime Scene, Documentary, and Scientific evidence

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    In recent years, the use of forensic evidence has become more commonplace in criminal cases. In using forensic evidence, examiners use fingerprints, lip-prints, and DNA analysis. DNA evidence was used to catch some of the most heinous murderers in America. For example, bite marks were used to identify and convict Theodore Bundy of numerous murders in the state of Florida.

    1. In light of these events, do you believe palm prints, lip prints, and bite marks, alone, are sufficient enough evidence to sustain a conviction? Support your answer and cite your information.

    2. Perform an internet newspaper search that explains a case where bite, lip, or palm prints were used in the conviction, and briefly explain that case.

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    Referring to the scenario and example cases of conviction, this solution examines the reliability of palm prints, lip prints, and bite marks, alone, as being sufficient enough evidence to sustain a conviction. Several examples of cases using these newer forensic evidence to obtain a conviction and references are provided.