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    Explaining prosecutorial misconduct

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    Champion, Hartley, and Rabe (2012) give examples of different forms of prosecutorial misconduct. Identify and describe each form. Which of the forms of prosecutorial misconduct do you consider the worst form of misconduct? Why do you feel this way?

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    The first form of prosecutorial misconduct is to encourage deceit from witnesses who testify against criminal defendants(a). Prosecutors encourage witnesses to slant their testimony in ways that make criminal defendants look guilty. The second form of prosecutorial misconduct occurs when prosecutors present only one type of evidence they want grand juries to see. The prosecutors withhold evidence that favor defendants (b). This prosecutorial misconduct occurs behind closed doors. The third form of prosecutorial misconduct is prosecutorial bluffing(c). In this form, prosecutors bluff their way through the case before trial. They bluff that they have evidence, even though they do not ...

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