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    Contractual Remedies

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    A is a certified public accountant. He agrees with B, a building contractor, that he will advise B on setting up a new accounting information system if B, in return, will carry out some renovation work at the house of A's girlfriend, Fanny.

    But finally, B refuses to carry out his original promises. Fanny is very anxious to have the renovation work done on her house, and because B is the best local contractor who has experience in doing such kinds of work, she is keen that it is done by Danny.

    Grateful if you please advise A and Fanny as to the nature of the contractual remedies, if any, which may be available to them.

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    Since A has advised B on setting up of a new accounting information system, he has carried out his part of the agreement. On the other hand B has refused to carry out his original ...

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