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    contract scenario

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    Alan enters an oral contract to sell a house and one acre of land to Barney for $180,000. Before the date for performance of the contract, Barney assigns his right to the property to Clara and delegates to her his duty to pay for the land in equal monthly installments. Alan is notified of the assignment. Later, Alan refuses to sell the land to Clara. She sues him for breach of contract.

    (a) Explain Clara's chances of success if Alan argues in defense that she is not a party to the contract because Alan did not consent to the assignment.

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    Clara has a good chance of success on her claim.

    The contracts create a number of relationships. One is governed by the law of contracts, the other by the law of proverty. In either case, the relationship between Clara and Alan is determined by prvity (or closeness on relationship). There are two types of privity that need to be analyzed in this problem:

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