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Breach of Contract with Specific Performance

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Alan enters an oral contract to sell a house and one acre of land to Barney for $180,000. Before the date for performance of the contract, Barney assigns his right to the property to Clara and delegates to her his duty to pay for the land in equal monthly installments. Alan is notified of the assignment. Later, Alan refuses to sell the land to Clara. She sues him for breach of contract.

Assume that Clara can successfully sue Alan. What remedies--at law and in equity--might she seek?

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In this solution, a case study to examine breach of contract/specific performance is presented in 178 words in relation to the land selling scenario given. This is all discussed in relation to the Statute of Frauds concept.

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The reason that they tell you to assume that Clara can sue Alan is because under normal circumstances a Statute of Frauds may apply. (That where's an oral contract to sell real property will not be enforced as there is no writing). (We must also ...

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