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    Employment Law - Domestic Partner's Benefits

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    Would you recommend that an employer offer domestic partner benefits? Why or why not, based on a comparison to the "traditional" arguments for offering benefits? If so, would you recommend it for all domestic partners or only same-sex partners? Justify your answer using legal and business arguments, minimizing emotional arguments.

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    I would not recommend that an employer offer domestic partner benefits for a few different reasons. Companies are struggling now to make ends meet and to fund basic operations. If companies offered domestic partner benefits, it would be an extreme financial burden on the companies, and money would have to be reallocated that is now elsewhere, where it is needed to support day-to-day operations. From a business financial standpoint, it is not a financially healthy idea for employers. Basically, if employers offer domestic partner benefits, one of the problems we have is that we will see a high ...

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    This solution discusses if you should recommend that an employer offer domestic partner benefits. I also discuss a comparison to the traditional argument for offering benefits and related information.