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Dress Code Policy & Discrimination Laws

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1. Can the President of a company implement the "dress code" policy as stated? What do you think and give your reasoning?

2. If a temporary contractor is performing work for an organization and was irate because they worked on Good Friday holiday was not paid double time for her work, like other employees of the organization. What would the President of the organization need to determine in order to respond to the question and how would the President determine it?

3. What are some ways that the President of the company can erode the employment-at-will doctrine? What recommendations for how the employer can protect itself against these possible erosions?

4. As I understand it, because of discrimination laws, the President of a Company does not have the right to require a certain dress in their environment unless it is for business needs and applied uniformly. However, it seems to me that employers actually have a lot of discretion about the requirements of their employee dress codes. An employee handbook (if one exists) with information would need to be changed before implementing a new dress code. Can you provide additional input and elaborate?

5. In regards to the temporary worker, it seems to me that if the one employee is not being paid like other employees of the organization, it would be considered discrimination, in particular if they are in a protected class, such as gender, age, religion, national origin, etc. Can you add anything else? Please elaborate.

6. For the other inquiry, it would seem to me that a carefully drafted company policy in place at the firm would help ensure the President of the employer did not violate any employment-related laws. This would be at least one method to protect itself against these possible erosions. Can you think of others? Please elaborate.

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This solution discusses if the President of a company should implement the "dress code" policy as stated and why. And, by responding to the other questions, this response address aspects of discrimination and employment laws in the workplace.

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